CAM4 is excited to announce a partnership with CHRISHABANA, featuring a live stream of his New York Fashion Week exhibition, SEND NUDES. 

 SEND NUDES is a provocative statement on the censorship laws and politics that have been policing nudity online, the exhibition featured nudes sent from CHRISHABANA fans and CAM4 members in an interactive installation.

Special guests CLEREMONT TWINS were an integral part in making this project happen, bringing provocation and conversation to social media leading up to the live event.

Chris is a visionary artist known for taking punk and tribal symbols and icons and molding them into subversive, daring jewelry. His pieces have been featured in Vogue and W, and worn by celebrities such as Rihanna,  Madonna, Lady Gaga and Kylie Jenner.
For more information on Chris Habana please visit:



I Sold my Photos at an Adult Convention

How easy is it to break into the adult industry? Aria Inthavong from Buzzfeed tried to make some cash at the world’s largest adult industry; AVN, by selling his photos. He came to the right place, the CAM4 booth, to ask our top models how much he could get for his pics and how they’re finding success in the adult industry.

We’d buy his photos any time!


Is Virtual Reality Recreating the Porn Industry as a Tech Innovator?

Earlier this year, CAM4VR creator and the world’s first virtual reality cam girl Ela Darling sat down with VR developer Kent Bye for the Voices of VR podcast.

“Porn is an industry where we constantly iterate and we constantly produce.”

The emergence of VR adult content is speculated to revive of the adult industry as a technology leader. Porn has influenced numerous major tech trends  including Internet payments, teledildonics, closed captioning, and even home viewing technologies like VHS and DVD.

“The reason porn used to be able to [innovate technology] is because porn had purchasing power… but what we’re seeing in VR is people are really willing to pay for it.”

Since its launch in 2016, CAM4VR has offered a revolutionary way of connecting people through a 3D and 360° virtual reality environment. For those who feel isolated or are craving a more intimate and realistic connection, the current VR ecosystem is just the beginning.

“Porn is definitely pushing some tech developments… I’m happy to be in this space right now.”

Listen to the full podcast.

CAM4 Launches Educational BDSM Series Kink with Koko

Koko Kanata, otherwise known as Koko, is our in-house pro-switch. A switch is defined as an individual who is comfortable with the idea of being submissive or dominant in a sexual manner. She’s also the host of Kink with Koko, our positive educational  Q & A column on all BDSM topics.

“My motto when it comes to BDSM is always: safe, sane, consensual.”

Following the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey, BDSM has become a larger conversational topic. CAM4 has always been dedicated to not just being a platform for performance, but an inclusive community for all ages, genders, sexualities, and fetishes. Anyone is welcome to submit a question, whether you’re just curious about how BDSM works, or you’re looking to up the ante in bed.

Submit a question to Kink with Koko, or watch for upcoming answers here.

Fing @koneko_katana on Twitter.

ELA DARLING Wins XBIZ Awards Crossover Star of the Year!

CAM4VR Content Manager, Ela Darling has been awarded the XBIZ Crossover Star of the Year award!

The annual XBIZ Awards celebrate the finest in adult entertainment. With mainstream media coverage in publications like the New York Times, Rolling Stone and the New York Post, Ela has risen to become the face of the VR porn movement. Ela’s advocacy of the emerging technology has led to her speaking about genre at events throughout the world. At a gala showing in Los Angeles, January 18th, the winners were announced with Ela landing the Crossover Star of the Year award.

“I was absolutely shocked and thrilled to find out that I won this award,” said Ela. “There were some really incredible stars that were nominated alongside me who deeply inspire me and I’m honored to have been recognized for my work in Virtual Reality. I’m so grateful to CAM4VR for giving me the platform to continue the discussions I started four years ago.”

Earlier in the week, Ela took part of multiple seminars to discuss VR Porn at the XBIZ Show. Talking to packed rooms, Ela commented on the future of the genre and its place in the industry, as well as the current state of affairs of the risks and challenges faced by adult performers in her Xbiz Talk.

“Speaking about the adult Virtual Reality industry is where I feel most in my element, and the panel we had at Xbiz was studded with some of the people I respect the most in VR Porn,” noted Ela. “My favorite part of the week, though, was during my Xbiz Talk where I spoke with direct honesty about the challenges and struggles shared by adult performers that we frequently don’t put into words. We are a community of some of the most incredible people in the world but we’re frequently expected to carry a lot of weight on our shoulders and look effortless while doing so. It was great to be able to speak to a room of my peers about the things we all face together and share a moment of solemn solidarity.”

Huge Congratulations to Ela – the 2018 XBIZ Award for Crossover Star of the Year!

Find out more about Ela Darling here.

CAM4 Celebrate Gay Performers as Headline Sponsor of GayVN, 2018

(Las Vegas, NV, January 10, 2018) – On the heels of a hugely successful event experience at Exxxotica, where CAM4 presented Switch! The CAM4 crew is now heading for a night of glitz and glamour as proud co-sponsor of the GayVN Awards.

After a seven-year hiatus, the gay porn version of the AVN Awards is back celebrating the very best in adult entertainment within the gay community. CAM4 are looking to kick off 2018 as they finished 2017 with continued support and celebration of all that is great about Gay Adult content.

“We pride ourselves on being one of the leading cam platforms for gay content, so it’s no surprise that we jumped at the chance to support the return of the much-loved and missed GayVN Awards,” said Derek Davis, head of public relations for CAM4. “We are thrilled to see the awards come back, in what promises to be the biggest and best GayVN ever.

“We were particularly pleased to see that fans got to a chance to have their say in the new categories. Some of our sexiest cam guys will be competing for the title of Favorite Cam Guy, which is sure to be hotly contested by the industry’s top talent. We’re super excited to be supporting an event that gives gay stars the credit they deserve. See you in Vegas!”

The GayVN Awards Show, sponsored by and, is set to take place on Sunday, January 21 inside The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas. The host was just announced earlier this week, and it’s none other than three-time contestant of Rupaul’s Drag Race, DJ ‘Shangela’ Pierce.

Turkish ISPs Blocking CAM4 as State-Backed Censorship Intensifies

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TL;DR – CAM4 Web Traffic from Turkey down 82.75% as Turkish Government Continues Crackdown on Social Networks and Freedom of Expression.

It would appear Turkish censorship skyrocketed over the past year as aggressive ISP blocking has hit the CAM4 site for the last several months. The new year shows no signs of letting up as Turkish users continue to report problems accessing CAM4 live performances from locations inside Turkey.

CAM4 has tracked alarming trends unique to Turkey for some time, which indicate apparent censorship and attacks on freedom of expression for viewers and performers alike. We first noticed a significant drop in June of 2016 when traffic from Turkish users plunged 28% virtually overnight. This in itself was significant. The team continued to monitor the trend as it plateaued for the rest of Q3. Two months later, traffic from Turkey started declining again at a more alarming pace, dropping an additional 65% within a week.

The trend continued and worsened throughout the remainder of 2016 to the point where 82.75% of all Turkish traffic has all but disappeared, indicating widespread #InternetShutdowns in the country.

This chart shows the evolution of visits to CAM4 from Turkey in 2016:

Initially, we wondered if this attack was targeted at the Adult Industry specifically. After all, this would not be the first time a government has attempted to ban Porn.

We all remember that time when CAM4 was banned in India…

We made some lighthearted fun of the 2015 India #pornban, since it only lasted three days and just sought to draw attention to absurdity of the Indian Government’s actions. The situation in Turkey, however, appears to be far more sinister and enduring.

It would appear CAM4 has been targeted as part of a wider crackdown on social networks in the country.

In November, the Telegraph reported that Turkey recently all but shut down Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp when most of the major social media networks had their traffic either throttled to the point where they were unusable, or cut off completely.

Turkish Internet freedom watchdog TurkeyBlocks believes Turkey may have recently introduced measures allowing the state to partially or fully restrict Internet access at any time of their choosing, citing “wartime emergencies” as justification to block #FreedomOfExpression.

New Internet Kill Switch law in effect?

TurkeyBlocks reported on a bill passed into law in Turkey in June 2016, nicknaming it “the Internet Kill Switch amendment.” The new law essentially allows the Government-run Information and Communication Technologies Authority in Turkey to “partially or entirely” suspend internet access due to war or national security reasons. The agency is no longer required to seek ministerial oversight to take such actions and ignore demands to #KeepItOn by organizations like and @AccessNow.

In short, the Turkish government can readily censor or block access to the Internet within its borders, at any time they please, without justification.

Turkish users are also being restricted from accessing the Internet through VPN services, in particular the popular Tor Browser, which allows users to access the Internet anonymously, shielding their true location. Reports indicate the block on Tor is likely permanent.

CAM4 sees widespread blocks coming from a number of Turkish Internet Service Providers. This action has a harmful effect on the livelihoods of our Turkish performers.

The number of performers being tipped is down 87.27% as a result of the ISP blocks:

This is a direct result of our Turkish performers being unable to access the site to broadcast.

Just one year ago, there were more than 400,000 shows broadcast from Turkey. By December, this dropped to just 33,000, which amounts a whopping 91.75% decrease!

CAM4 cherishes freedom of expression for consenting adults, which is the very foundation upon which our community was built. So, any sign of government intervention is disturbing.

For many people, camming represents a viable opportunity to make a good living from the comfort and safety of their own home, so we are alarmed our Turkish users are being denied the opportunity to connect with our community and make a living on CAM4.

We continue to do what we can to re-establish access for all Turkish CAM4 users.